AST Digital Magazine April 2016 - Page 13

Volume 3 Page 12 April 2016 Edition Nightingale RAS with BrdsEye for all your Industrial NIS (Nightingale Intelligent System) is pioneering the technology and operational doctrine for Robotic Aerial Security (RAS). Nightingale's mission is to provide innovative solutions for industrial and commercial security teams to monitor large areas efficiently and with lower associated costs. Some of you may be wondering if if NIS is simply a drone with a camera. Generally, using drones as a flying camera is a capability that has been around for years. What makes Nightingale special is that it's a complete turn key ‘BrdsEye’ solution which can be integrated into existing security systems and work with popular VMS. To clarify capabilities which make Nightingale's RAS solution uniquely suited for large area surveillance and monitoring, here is a list of notable features for public safety professionals charged with the security of large commercial and industrial facilities: 1. On duty 24/7 2. Patrol an area repeatedly via pre-programmed missions 3. Auto investigate alarm incidents (false alarms) 4. Precision autonomous landing 5. Inductive-charging 6. Broadcast live video to multiple people on the security staff 7. Drone fleet management 8. Flir, IR, Visible light and other payloads 9. Automatic drone relay to ensure continuous coverage over a specified area via drone fleet 10. Operational in rain or snow 11. Operational in wind up to 40mph 12. Able to follow specific vehicle or person of interest within operational airspace To learn more about additional features for your individual project such as geo-fencing and other safety features that Nightingale can offer your organization, please contact Nightingale at: Email: [email protected] Phone: 415-377-4324 Website: Monitoring a large area has always been a difficult and costly proposition using traditional Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras (PTZs) due to the limited field of view per camera and the need to run long cables. A fleet of security drones can patrol the fence continuously to provide effective perimeter coverage without building out a large network of cameras. Altitude is also a key advantage in providing a vantage point that makes spotting an intruder much easier, particularly when using FLIR at night. Their “Drone Relay” feature allows persistence surveillance over an area by automatically dispatching a fully charged drone to take over the video feed and return the original drone for autonomous recharging. Mr. Jack Wu, CEO of Nightingale, noted that Nightingale is currently working to make their ‘BrdsNest’ vehicle mountable so the NIS RAS solution can be deployed from a variety of locations based on specific mission requirements. These enhancements will make ‘BrdsNest’ a valuable asset for fire, police and first responders. "I envision ‘BrdsNest’ deployed at large commericall and industrial sites to provide surveillance on areas that was unable to be seen before. I also see it on top of fire trucks and SWAT vehicles to provide situational awareness and a real-time data gathering capability similar to a helicopter without the high cost”, said Mr. Wu. The NIS ‘BrdsEye’ RAS solution will become as common as PTZs in the near future, and in many instances prove a superior alternative, based on the enhanced features available with NIS. After all, the ability to rapidly response to an incident, provide aerial recon like a chopper at fraction of the cost, is an excellent option for all your security needs. About Nightingale Nightingale is located in Silicon Valley, CA. It's team comprises of people from SpaceX and Willow Garage. It's focus is to apply robotics technology to improve commercial and industrial security. It's first product, “BrdsEye” is a Robotic Aerial Security (RAS) system that's a turn-key solution for ease of deployment and by making the entire system, from software, drone and drone base, Nightingale's solution can easily be integrated with existing VMS and alarm panels. They are showing it's product @ ISC West 2016. Interested parties can email them @ [email protected] or visit them at their ISC West booth #35092.