AST April 2020 Magazine AST Apr 2020 | Page 12 April 2020 - Edition 43 Security is enhanced in that the tials for large end-users. end-users credentials cannot be borrowed “Customers Customers are demanding or stolen. stolen faster, touchless solutions solutions…”. And most importantly in today’s world, no-touching means re- Jonathon draws on 20 years’ duced chance of transmitting experience and observes that viruses. viruses “ Large global companies are So what can we learn from in- implementing non-tradition- dustry professionals who have al credentialing methods like studied these new trends? this, and focusing in on total cost of ownership rather than We talked with two leading se- just product acquisition cost.” cost curity design consultants/en- gineers and a major end user He sees a need for “…deeper …deeper to get their vision for the future evaluation of ‘touchless/fric- ‘ touchless/fric- of these technologies. tionless’ credential technology.” technology. Jonathon Harris, Harris Senior Con- sultant at Guidepost Solu- tions observes that “…new …new designs are focusing on wid- er adoption of mobile access across other areas of day-to- day life and the broader use of non-badge related creden- “We We are moving from a niche area and fringe 'nice-to-have', 'nice-to-have' , to a sought after and strategic investment for organizations.” organizations “Add to this trend the need for clients to have a better under- standing of where people have moved/accessed within a se- 12