AST April 2018 Magazine AST April Magazine (3.30.18)

FBI: Selling Unhackable Phones to Drug Cartels Emerging Threats & Bus Ops: What’s to Come at ISC West 2 Gurucul Competes in 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Awards 10 Is Your Federal Facility In Compliance with Executive Order 12977 18 What’s to Come at ISC East: Emerging Threats 34 Growing Epidemic: Detecting Fentanyl with Portable GC/MS 52 More Effective Mass Weapons Screening at Events 63 Protecting our Nation, One City at a Time - American Security Today Breaking issues on evolving physical and cyber threats in our ports of entry, cities,communities, schools - in real time American Security Today is the new face of Homeland Security VOLUME 22 April 2018