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Leader Contents Chief writer’s letter A CHANGE IS GONNA COME HAS AN EVENT ever changed your life? Given you a brilliant new idea for a start-up? Inspired you to cycle to work? Perhaps, even, introduced you to your future life partner? I’m willing to bet that all of us who have been in the industry for some time could point to an event we’ve attended which had a significant impact upon our lives, or on the world at large. But the problem with legacy – our topic this issue – is that it’s difficult to quantify. There’s no easy way to demonstrate to a board of investors the benefit of a legacy initiative, but the impact of an event is not measured in money alone. After a year and a half in the industry, the events that last in my memory are the ones that introduced me to new friends, new places and new ideas – not the ones with the highest exhibitor retention rate. The world of association events, which often crosses over with academic circles, arguably has more of a responsibility to showcase legacy. These events deal with potentially world-changing research, but if their messages don’t spread further than the conference halls, they won’t Editorial Editor: Martin Fullard Chief writer: Stuart Wood Business Managing director: Julian Agostini Group publishing director: Liz Agostini amount to much. On page 10 we meet event tech start-up Kubify, which is helping to spread the word. For our cover feature, we speak to Danish pHD student Thomas Trøst Hansen, who is writing a thesis about event legacy. Hansen is partnering with the tourist board of Copenhagen on a new Legacy Lab project, which is intended to bridge the gap between association event organisers and research communities in the region. Elsewhere, we meet IAPCO’s new CEO Martin Boyle, and offer some Agony Aunt advice to an eventprof facing down the spectre of fake conferences. Events are a business, to be sure – but they can be a powerful tool for change, too. Enjoy the issue. Designer: Kateryna Smirnova Production manager: Elizabeth Nixon Subscriptions Subscriptions executive: Matthew Williams Know what I mean? page 5 The future of history page 6 Lasting legacy page 8-9 Writing on the wall page 10 Head of the family page 13-15 Get with the programme page 17 Dear Rob… page 18 3 Digital Website: Stuart Wood Chief writer, Association Event Network Published by Mash Media Second Floor Apple Market House 17 Union Street Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1RP Tel: +44 (0)208 481 1122 Views expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written permission of the publisher. Printed by Pensord Twitter: @aenetwork_uk