Assemblies of God Empowered Magazine God's Eternal Word - Page 4

SUPERINTENDENT god ' s e ter n al Wo rd Pastor Iliafi Esera, General Superintendent, A/G NZ Senior Pastor, Faith City Church, Whanganui, NZ As Pentecostal Christians we seek to welcome the fullness of the Holy Spirit into our churches. He is a wonderful person in the way he works and in the way he has gifted the ministries he has placed in the Body of Christ for its edification. As well as this distinctiveness in focusing on the Holy Spirit, we are ‘people of the book’, because there is an intimate relationship between the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. “All Scripture is God breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16) and is an accurate guide that determines the value of all our beliefs and practices. It regulates the spiritual experiences of our church attenders. The Bible has always been held in high regard by Assemblies of God leadership and its members. We are committed to obey its instruction. For us it’s God’s revelation, the Word of God, the Gospel. The greatest joy of my life is to preach, teach and inspire people from this precious book. Over the years I have opened its sacred pages and taken passages like pieces of bread, breaking them open to feed God’s people. God blesses his preached Word. I have observed the fact that God’s Word does not return to him void. When we preach it, things happen. His Word is like a hammer, breaking down hard hearts, humbling those who hav