Askei Kataskei ISSUE 12 - Page 9

Her arrival is anticipated by a metallic clink Gradually, a mellifluous singing rises Between the blurred silhouttes burning candles shines Between the mysterious gloom they approach The Lady in White, with her Golden Crown Opens the march of the eternals Svelte in her carriot of fire Pullet by two red eyed dogs With a torch in every hand, lighting the path With two shadows on her back, vigilant, hidden Her collars' keys collide breaking the silence She who gives life She who brings death She who brings rebirth Today you can come in and they can get out Today you can ask their advice and honor their memory Your ancestors, those who sing peacefully For Her, Lady of the Underworld Today, go and celebrate the Wheel of the Year Today is Samhain an perennial Hekate is present Today is Samhain, we can die to reborn In the purest light, originated in the beginning of time To spin once again, the Wheel of Life.