Askei Kataskei ISSUE 12 - Page 14

To Prothyraia ~ The Orphic Hymns Hear me, revered goddess, many-named divinity (1) You aid in travail, O sight sweet to women in labor; (2) You save women and you alone love children (3) O kindly goddess of swift birth, ever helpful to young women, (4) O Prothyraia. Accessible to all, (5) O mistress, you are gracious and fond of nurture, (6) Yours is the power in every house & you delight in festivities; (7) You loosen girdles & though invisible, you are seen in every deed (8) You share pain, and rejoice in every birth, (9) O Eileithyia, Freeing from pain those in terrible distress. (10) Upon you alone pregnant women call, O comforter of souls, (11) And in you alone there is relief from pains of labor. (12) Artemis, Eileithyia, Prothyraia! (13) Hearken, O blessed one, succour me, grant offspring, (14) And save me, for it is your nature to be a saviour of all (15)