Ask Us Beauty Magazine Growth Mindset - Page 4

For 20 years of my career , I ’ ve coached women to do something for themselves . That sounds like an easy concept , but more often than not , I found that women need to be reminded of their worth . Throughout the years , many women have told me stories about everyone and everything that was a much bigger priority than themselves , and some of those stories – many of those stories – broke my heart . It ’ s hard to put yourself first when your to-do list seems never ending . I know . I feel that way often . But truth be told , without investing in ourselves , we can ’ t serve all the people and purposes in our lives because we ’ re not showing up as our best selves . We deserve that , and so does everyone around us . So , here ’ s the good news : you and I are in the driver ’ s seat and always have the opportunity to learn , expand , and give ourselves more ! Whether it ’ s taking an exercise class , eating healthier , or , my personal favorite , reading AUB Magazine ; investing in yourself comes in all different forms . From physical and emotional health to passions and interests , making small , continual improvements will positively impact our quality of life , and we need to remind each other of this often .

This issue of Ask Us Beauty is about providing you with knowledge , ideas , and opinions from those who have dedicated their lives to becoming educated in a specific field or discipline . Our goal is to provide you with ways to be more , grow more , and love more . Why ? Because we know that education is one of the most important paths to empowerment , and with that confidence , we can make better decisions and discoveries that bring the greatest return – a return that will lead to the ultimate reward , the best version of YOU . So let ’ s get educated , empowered , and do something for ourselves . We are in this together !
Xoxo ,
Michelle Emmick Editor-in-Chief
4 SUMMER 2022