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Grab a paddle & undertake Kayaking Kayaking in the longest combined channels in the world offers one-of-a-kind experience, ranging from an easy class to challenging class three-plus. Visitors may hire an instructor in case they want to go through the basics before getting on their way. Let your worries melt as you paddle along & observe the picturesque landscape. Ride the waves at Surf pool Visitors of any skill level can give surfing a whirl at the Wadi Adventure Park. The park amazingly can tailor the size of the waves according to the skill level of the surfers. You may take a lesson from experienced surfers before surfing in the world’s largest surf pool. Skiing at the cable wake park-Wadi’s Newest Attraction Thrill-freaks can now venture into wakeboarding, knee boarding & skiing in safe & controlled environment of Cable Wake Park. It offers exuberance & joviality to all age levels, skiing lessons to those desiring to learn new skill.