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Speed down the world’s longest man-made water channel It is the most renowned thrill activity among the adrenaline junkies during day. The myriad of adventurous activities revolve around three white water channels, providing distinct thrill factors to cater all levels of rafters. Recline at the Open Beach Lounge or go for an invigorating swash in pool Ultimate destination for family & kids, the pool & the splash area is available throughout the day to cool off & soak up in the sun. Visitors may recline at the shade structures & beach loungers provided near the surf park & family swimming pool. Take a trip down the challenging zip line The airpark obstacle course is an ultimate spot for adrenaline junkies wherein they will be suspended in the air for around 20 minutes. The challenge is to navigate different elements such as rolling logs & stepping stones. Undertake the adventure challenge of high ropes course & whizz in the air like Tarzan. All that it takes to get to this astounding destination is a Dubai Visa UK. Apply now!