Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) September 2018 Volume 35, Issue 8 NEWS & VIEWS W O R L D I N B R I E F Astro commences 4K/UHD broadcast IPTV drives pay-TV growth in Asia-Pacific SINGAPORE – The number of pay-TV homes in Asia-Pacific will rise from 632 million in 2017 to 743 million by 2022, predicted IHS Markit. This, according to the research firm, is largely driven by IPTV, which increased its market share from 18% in 2016 to 23% in 2017. Enter the age of the Connected TV LONDON – Connected TV de- vices, which allow users to stream over-the-top (OTT) video content to the TV screen, now number more than one billion world- wide, according to research from Strategy Analytics. This, added the company, also represents a fundamental shift in how con- sumers view and engage with content on the TV set. 6 CREATION 18 MANAGEMENT 22 DISTRIBUTION | SEPTEMBER 2018 | VOLUME 35 X-PLATFORM 26 | ISSUE 8 30 Blockchain shaking up the broadcast & media industry BY JOSEPHINE TAN DUBLIN/PHILADELPHIA – The broadcast and media industry is now awakening to how block- chain applications can disrupt and benefit its entire industry and may also impact on the dynamics of the world’s economy. “The impact of blockchain on the media industry may be greater than the impact smartphones have had on the music industry,” said Antonio Senatore, CTO of Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab. Although blockchain technol- ogy, at its core, is still taking shape and evolving, the media industry must take note of its development and potential applications. Senatore told APB: “In the broadcast and media industry, we have observed a number of dif- ferent applications. For example, copyrights, content publishing KUALA LUMPUR – In prepara- tion for the launch of its 4K/ Ultra HD (UHD) set-top box later this year, Astro broadcast two matches from the opening weekend of the English Premier League in 4K/Ultra HD (UHD). 5 NEWS & VIEWS September 2018 Blockchain is one of the most widely discussed technologies across many business sectors today — in the media industry, blockchain is believed to have the potential to disrupt and yet empower new business models. and consumption can all be done through blockchain technology; and it will basically be disinter- mediating current payments and copyright channels, ultimately benefiting the content creator. “These benefits not only in- clude protection against piracy, fake news and media tampering, and incentivising content creation and publishing, but also enhance content review and content con- sumption.” As a technology emerging from the FinTech industry, blockchain has been progressively making its way into the media arena. For in- stance, in July this year, No Postage Necessary, a romantic indie com- edy, became the first feature film to debut on Vevue, a peer-to-peer (P2P) incentivised video network based on the Qtum blockchain, an open-sourced value transfer platform which focuses on mobile decentralised apps. The film is directed by Jeremy Culver, who is also head of Vevue Premium, the company’s micropay- per-view division offering content independently produced by con- tent creators. Founded in 2012, Vevue is conceived as a solution to crowd- 8 8 MR the next immersive reality? NEW YORK – In recent times, augmented real- ity (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have emerged as potential tools for content producers to create the ultimate viewing experience. However, could mixed reality (MR) instead represent the future of immersive entertainment? Microsoft would appear to be a leading propo- nent, after the technology company last month opened a new Mixed Reality Capture Studio in Hollywood, joining similar operations in Red- mond, Washington, San Francisco and London. The Hollywood studio was created in partnership with Metastage, a new Los An- geles-based MR production company, and will reportedly give Hollywood exposure to high-quality volumetric capture, which pro- vides a quick and easy way to build detailed 3D objects without cumbersome 3D sculpting, 8 8 Microsoft invites you to enter the world of mixed reality (MR), as the technology company opens a new Mixed Reality Capture Studio in Hollywood last month. www. i de a l s y s . c om