Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) March 2018 Volume 35, Issue 2

5 NEWS & VIEWS March 2018 Visual Effects with the ZEISS CP.3 XD Find out more on Page 14! NEWS & VIEWS 6 CREATION 12 MANAGEMENT 20 DISTRIBUTION | MARCH 2018 22 BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY ... IT BY SHAWN LIEW While more study is required to access how blockchain technology can be applied to the broadcast and media industry, broadcasters and content owners may do well to start learning about blockchain now. mean blockchain.” While bitcoin is essentially a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system, blockchain can perhaps be described as the under- lying technology used for verifying and recording transactions that are at the heart of Bitcoin. And it is the former that is likely to have the bigger impact on so- ciety, as Lucas described: “Similar to how the Internet changed the world by providing greater access to information, blockchain is poised to change how people do business by offering trust.” With blockchain technology, the digitisation of assets can be decentralised, trustful, traceable, highly transparent and free of intermediaries, Mock Pak Lum, senior advisor at Tembusu Partners, a Singapore-based private equity firm, told APB. Citing the NEO Foundation, a non-profit, community-based blockchain project, Mock, a former CTO of Singapore pay-TV operator 8 8 4K/UHD broadcasting gains momentum in Asia BY JOSEPHINE TAN SEOUL – With the aim of enhancing the qual- ity of 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) broadcasting for local audiences, three South Korean broadcasters — KBS, MBC and SBS — alongside LG Electronics and the Allied Platform, have launched TIVIVA, a terrestrial 4K/UHD interactive service. Available on LG Electronics’ 4K/UHD TV sets, X-PLATFORM 38 INSIDE: Improves protection & selling of copyrighted content SINGAPORE – What started off as murmurs of passive concern has in recent months, morphed into a global effort by governments around the world to regulate bitcoin. In the process, it has brought the concept of blockchain technol- ogy into the public consciousness, although blockchain and bitcoin are inherently different. In a blog post, Matt Lucas, Global Blockchain Labs Enable- ment, CTO Europe Office, IBM Industry Platform, wrote: “When bitcoin was released as open source code, blockchain was wrapped up together with it in the same solu- tion. And as Bitcoin was the first application of blockchain, people inadvertantly used ‘bitcoin’ to | VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 2 TIVIVA offers 4K/UHD terrestrial programmes, and is equipped with the ability to recommend customised categories and programmes for each viewer by analysing metadata of content, as well as big data of audiences’ viewership history. Jean Hur, senior deputy director, interna- tional relations, MBC, told APB: “Broadcasters in South Korea and worldwide need to adapt and innovate in the current rapidly changing broadcasting environment. “TV is no longer a linear model, and meta- data analysis is a fundamental requisite for content analysis. “Depth of data is necessary in order to interact with viewers. This way, we can deliver content they wish to be delivered.” Having started 4K/UHD broadcasting 8 8 PAGES 23-36 W O R L D I N B R I E F Amazon reveals sports broadcasting ambitions LONDON – Amazon is reportedly poised to enter a multi-billion- pound auction of English Premier League football rights. If success- ful in the UK, Amazon is expected to proceed to secure international rights for one of the world’s most popular football leagues. Satellite dish dropping out of Sky ISLEWORTH – UK pay-TV opera- tor Sky has offered subscribers the option of doing away with a satel- lite dish. While stressing the move does not signal an end to satellite broadcasting, Sky plans to make all its channels and content avail- able online. 4 billion people connected to the Net NEW YORK – A new report from social media management platform Hootsuite and creative agency We Are Social indicates that there are now four billion people globally using the Inter- net. Of these, three billion are active social media users T he Ne w Di me ns i on F or Br a nd Bui l di ng 360 Vi r t ua l Re a l i t y Cont e nt Pr oduc on VR Adv e r s i ng Aug me nt e d Re a l i t y App De v e l opme nt L i v e E v e nt Cov e r a g e L i v e S t r e a mi ng t o F a c e book L i v e S t r e a mi ng t o Y ouT ube www. i de a l s y s . c om