Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) January/February 2018 Volume 35, Issue 1 - Page 8

What s on Screen
8 January-February 2018
What s on Screen

High-impact productions use videowalls

As you flip through channels on the TV and watch programmes produced in studios , be it live or otherwise , what strikes you immediately is the large number of screens , video walls or just simple displays inside the studios .
In almost all shows , the displays are not passive elements acting just as a backdrop , but are a very active and engaging part of the storytelling . The large video walls in News project vivid images , maps , charts , text or video as the presenter walks across from end to end , draws viewer attention and reinforces the story . Or the large number of displays you always find in a sportsrelated set , with content that somehow seem synchronised as the story unfolds with images of players , club logos , game fixtures and more , keeping the viewers entranced and enthralled .
There are scrolling banners in studios providing sports or stock data in real time , displays under the anchor desk , over the shoulders . You also find displays that can be moved on rails or raised on pedestals so these can be combined in different ways for different programmes . Some of the displays are LEDs , like in an outdoor signage ; some are huge tiled displays ; and some are plain television — all within the same studio space . Displays are becoming ubiquitous as producers and presenters experience the flexibility and power of storytelling and visual branding they help achieve .
Advancements in display technologies have created a spurt in display usage in broadcast studios , thanks largely to greater flexibility in set design and more affordability . Technically , they take less space , less power consumption and low heating , which also make them suitable for use in space-constrained studios , leading to adoption in studios of all sizes . Using one or more screens also provide set designers greater creative freedom and flexibility in managing content and thematic context using
RV Krishnan ,
VP Graphics APAC , Vizrt dynamic elements .
As Avi Atias , chief director & COO , Israel News Company , said : “ When we first started designing our new studio , it was clear to us that we will use many screens , which will be physically large , and with a great quality .”
Vizrt has been offering video wall solutions for many years now , empowering producers and presenters with tools to visually enrich their story telling . The Viz Multiplay is the latest in the range of innovative solutions that Vizrt offers to help broadcasters take full control of the all studio screens and harness them to the full potential in a simple , intuitive and elegant manner .
Brand and technology-agnostic , size or contour and resolution-independent , Viz Multiplay is helping leading broadcasters to manage video , images , animations and live content in studios , creating a most captivating and immersive experience for the viewers . One such user is the Isreal News Company .
Atias continues : “ The amount of content and variation of content we are dealing with daily is great . There is a special significance to a workflow , which needs to be flexible to produce content and transfer it to the studio , as quickly as possible . Vizrt Multiplay gives an excellent workflow for our needs and managing the screens and content is now a simple task .” q
To find out more about Vizrt ’ s solutions , visit www . vizrt . com
Vizrt ’ s video wall solutions are being deployed in news studios worldwide .
HONG KONG – PCCW Media , the operator of Now TV and ViuTV , has secured the broadcasting rights of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in Hong Kong .
The soccer tournament , which is held every four years , will take place from June 14 to July 15 . All 64 matches will be broadcast live on Now TV .
Meanwhile , ViuTV will broadcast 19 selected matches live , including the opening
Premiering in January at KIX is Road FC , which showcases Asian-focused mixed martial arts and championship fights .
n Face-off at KIX
HONG KONG – In the fifth season of Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge , a new group of competitors joins in the reality TV competition show created and hosted by former professional wrestler , Steve Austin . Each week , the competitors will face off against each other in the desert heat , in a series of intense challenges with only one advancing to the dreaded “ Skullbuster ”, designed by Austin .
In addition , KIX is bringing more Asianfocused mixed martial arts and championship fight events to viewers . Road FC , a stage packed with legends and epic battles , launches the all-women MMA League — Road FC XX . In the main event , Jin-Hee Kang faces Raika Emiko in the flyweight division . And in Road FC 043 , viewers can catch Kim Hoon and Choi Young battling out at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul for the interim middleweight title .
Janice Lee , managing director of PCCW Media Group , and Lo Ting-fai , general manager of HK Television Entertainment , collaboratively announced that Now TV and ViuTV will be broadcasting the
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in Hong Kong .
n PCCW Media brings 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia to HK
match , two semi-finals and the final match .
Janice Lee , managing director of PCCW Media Group , said : “ With our extensive experience in producing and broadcasting international and local sporting events , including LaLiga , Premier League , UEFA Europa League and UEFA Euro 2016 , Now TV aims to offer viewers World Cup enjoyment , whether on a live or on-demand basis , on our TV , Internet and mobile platforms .”
n Lifetime Asia premieres The Best Moment to Quit Your Job
SINGAPORE – Lifetime Asia has debuted a South Korean original production by A + E Networks Korea , titled The Best Moment to Quit Your Job .
Directed by Jung Jung-Hwa , The Best Moment to Quit Your Job is based on the webcomics series of the same title published by COMICA .
The eight-episode series explores the stifling reality confronting the working class who just started embarking on their career paths . Starring Ko Won-Hee , Lee Chung-Ah , Jei Kim and Jung Yeon Joo , The Best Moment to Quit Your Job follows four millennial women on their quest to find themselves in the early days of their professions .
The Best Moment to Quit Your Job is the first South Korean-produced original titles from A + E Networks Korea to air across Asia on Lifetime .