Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) August 2017 Volume 34, Issue 6 - Page 5

See us at IBC booth 10.A31 RIEDEL CROSSWORDS As simple as that! Audio router Frame store syn- chronizer 7 MediorNet MicroN 4K 3 Think BIG? Use MEDIORNET as a decentralized Router. De- centralized router Video router Audio em- bedder de- embedder Ethernet router 9 Multi- Viewer 4 Stagebox MediorNet @ AMPVISUALTV 1 Scalable media net- work On-screen display 5 8 2 MediorNet IP Audio gain control Quadsplit Delay measure- ment compatibi- lity 6 Cross conversion REALTIME NETWORKS FOR VIDEO, AUDIO, DATA AND COMMUNICATION Test or pattern Whether simple point-to-point connections large backbone infrastructures, generator MediorNet provides unlimited fl exibility in routing, processing, and distributing just about any broadcast signal – uncompressed and in real time. Enabling futureproof network solutions, the MediorNet platform paves your migration path to IP-based production environments. With modular hardware and feature-driven apps, MediorNet is customizable to your specifi c application– from multiviewers to large-scale systems including de-centralized video routing. NEW MediorNet MultiViewer