Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) August 2017 Volume 34, Issue 6 - Page 30

30 X-PLATFORM August 2017 Amagi’s cloud-based platform allows Dim Sum TV to scale rapidly in SE Asia by sidney ho For the past several years, Dim Sum TV, a Hong Kong-based Cantonese satellite TV channel, had been us- ing a traditional managed playout service to handle its entire playout workflow. As the channel began to scale up, it found the existing solution both cumbersome and unsophisticated. For example, it was not possible to discern any errors in schedule or failing assets using a single dashboard. This severely strained operations as each activity had to be manually performed with a limited, consolidated view of the actual status of the feed at any given point. To successfully expand opera- tions without being restrained by these limitations, Dim Sum TV began the hunt for a new playout solution that was not only more scalable, but also technically ad- vanced enough to handle dynamic graphics and complex playout. The goal was to make the broadcast operation agile and sophisticated enough to launch addi­tional feeds in new regions both rapidly and economically, and with a better viewing experience for its audience. Eventually, Dim Sum TV chose Amagi CLOUDPORT, a cloud-based platform that allows Dim Sum TV to run and control its broadcast operations round-the-clock, and from any remote location. Using CLOUDPORT, Dim Sum TV can support its entire playout workflow, from content ingest and preparation, storage and archival, and playlist management