Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) August 2017 Volume 34, Issue 6 - Page 29

X-PLATFORM August 2017 on their traditional revenue base. He continues: “The strategic ac- quisition of Rev Asia Holdings demonstrates our commitment to capitalising on the growing de- mands for digital content among consumers by expanding our reach and further enhancing the group’s competencies in digital content marketing, digital content curation and digital native marketing ads. “The acquisition is expected to result in the growth of revenue contributions from Media Prima’s digital platform exponentially while expanding our reach and platforms further. With this ac- quisition, Media Prima will also be one of the fully integrated media companies, and one of the largest digital publishers in this region.” Since 2016, Media Prima has launched several key initiatives to capitalise on the growing demand ❝ Viewers are becoming more discerning when it comes to media consumption. Lifestyle and affluence are changing viewers’ demands; thus, understanding them is imperative in order to be able to cater for these individuals’ requirements. ❞ — Dr Ahmad Zaki Mohd Salleh, Group General Manager, Engineering, Media Prima of digital services and online com- merce among Malaysian consum- ers. Through the group’s media platforms, these initiatives include the launch of CJ Wow Shop, a home-shopping network which in- tegrates TV and online, and Super Deals, a platform that combines e-commerce and radio. Furthermore, Media Prima has also enhanced tonton, its over-the- top (OTT) subscriber-based video streaming service. Dr Zaki concludes: “It’s no se- cret that all media companies have to move into the digital landscape. With the declining print circula- tion and Adex revenue for linear TV, moving to digital is no longer a choice but a necessity. With the extended reach, Media Prima shall integrate most of its current OTT services, online portals and other new services yet to be offered.” For Vietnam Digital Television (VTC), the company has been focus­ing on engaging its audi- ences via social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. “Although VTC is a national broadcaster, we still have some of our content available on our social media platforms in order to cater to younger audiences. Through these channels, we want to attract our viewers back to watching the programmes on their TV sets as it provides them with a better view- ing experience,” Phan Tien Dung, CTO at VTC, explains. Due to the explosion of media and information brought forth by While mobile viewing continues to rise, it is also important for broadcasters and service providers to understand what their viewers are discussing about the content in the digital space, in order to respond timely and interact with them. the Internet of Things (IoT), each viewer has now developed their own genre of interest, and their preferred platform in obtaining the information they require. Phan elaborates: “Instead of watching and listening from only one broad- caster traditionally, viewers today are able to verify the sources of information from the Internet. For instance, some viewers are watch- ing the TV programme while find- ing more information relating to that programme. Hence, we have to provide them with as much necessary information as possible in order to retain them on our channels.” As for HO O Q, an OT T streaming service founded in 2015, it launched its Facebook page in November 2016, and has accumulated more than 1.4 mil- lion of followers to date. Audience engagement is a “large part” of any video service and there is no one silver bullet but a myriad of tools that help deliver on a success- The story is now in your hands Netflix is continuing to push the boundaries of storytelling with the launch of its first interactive short film Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale. With this interactive story- telling approach, Netflix is placing viewers in control of how the story unfolds, as viewers are able to select from branching decision paths and choose what happens next. Carla Engelbrecht Fisher, director of product innovation at Netflix, told APB: “There is something fascinating about giv- ing the viewer agency in the storytelling, and the connection they can feel with the characters. Our team’s mission is to inno- vate on our product and help move Netflix forward, so there was certainly a predispo- sition to start thinking about what else we could do, and what other kinds of stories we could tell.” Consumer control is already something that the company has been providing in terms of accessing video content anytime, anywhere, and across any device. However, this approach of interactive st