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Clear-Com connects Auxiliary Channel ’ s production truck

Broadcast Solutions has delivered a new HD OB van to Slovakian TV network Televízia Markíza .

Televízia Markíza completes transition to HD with new OB van

To mark its full transition to HD , Slovakian TV network Televízia Markíza commissioned its new HD outside broadcast ( OB ) van in May this year .
Based on Broadcast Solutions ’ Alphaline A12 model , the new OB van can work in productions with up to 16 cameras . Alphaline is a variant of Broadcast Solutions ’ family of Streamline OB vans , of which more than 40 units are operating globally .
Working with Slovakian systems integrator Elektonika , Broadcast Solutions provided Televízia Markíza with a universal OB van equipped with a number of technical solutions from Grass Valley , Riedel , Canon , Lawo and Tektronix , among others .
Describing the OB van as “ being able to handle a large variety of productions ”, Broadcast Solutions also highlighted how Riedel ’ s Medior Net system is being used as
Inaugurated last August , Sneaky Big Studios is a US-based , 15,000sqf faci lity featuring a number of “ technologically advanced ” production and post-production studios .
Designed from the ground up as a fully integrated facility , Sneaky Big Studios ’ production workflow was designed by systems integrator and software developer DigitalGlue around a network of Barnfind Technologies ’ fibre-signal transport solutions . All video equipment is connected with fibre for faster processing , and all signals coming in or out of a specific room can be a decentralised signal routing and communications backbone .
Matthias Settele , general director at Televízia Markíza , said : “ The OB van was the missing link to complete our conversion to HD and is a major step to increase our viewer base — for instance , with our own productions such as Let ’ s Dance .
“ The OB van also gives us the flexibility to produce different kinds of events , which makes the company more independent .”
The new OB van can be used in productions of varying sizes — from large 16-camera set-ups to smaller productions , and also works as a backup and disaster recovery solution for Televízia Markíza ’ s studios .
Calling the OB van “ the best solution on the market ”, Zdenko Ryšavý , technical director , Televízia Markíza , concluded : “ Our main goals [ with the OB van ] are to have a tool for disaster recovery and to use it for double productions .”
Auxiliary Channel ’ s production truck is equipped with Clear-Com intercom solutions as the media production company continues to create compelling skateboarding content for ETN Live .
boarding theme . ETN Live also covers skateboarding events around the globe — either by dispatching the Auxiliary Channel truck , or pulling production elements from the truck and sending them with camera teams on the road .
With the high-quality video required for paid , streamed content , an intercom system that keeps everyone connected at all times is crucial , suggested Brian Reardon , owner and founder of Auxiliary Channel , whose production truck went live in mid-2016 .
He continued : “ I wish that all the equipment we employ was as reliable and consistent to work with as our Eclipse HX-Delta intercom system . We can count on hearing our people wherever they may be

DigitalGlue builds production workflow for Sneaky Big Studios

multiplexed and sent over a single fibre strand to the central equipment room .
From there , a built-in 288 x 576 capable router sends the signals
Having leashed its 28-inch broadcast-grade trailer to over-the-top ( OTT ) subscription skateboarding network ETN Live , media production company Auxiliary Channel decided to equip it with intercoms solutions from Clear-Com .
The multi-camera production truck is equipped with a Clear- Com Eclipse HX-Delta 32-port with four available frame card slots for extending the matrix ’ s intercom capabilities . The HX-Delta is loaded with a 64-channel E-MADI ( Multiple Audio Digital Interface ) card , an E-QUE-HX card for integrating FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz wireless beltpacks , and up to a dozen V-Series user interface panels to access and switch between the HX-Delta ’ s intercom channels .
Auxiliary Channel also purchased four FreeSpeak II antenna transceiver modules and 10 Free- Speak II wireless beltpacks for use with the HX-Delta system .
Said to be the world ’ s “ first paid skateboarding OTT network ”, ETN Live offers a wide range of quality skateboarding-themed programming to a youth-focused audience . Some of its content is shot at the company ’ s own indoor skateboarding park or outside on its property . This includes not only competitive and extreme boarding shows , but also reality , gaming and comedy programmes , all tied to the skate-
to their destination , providing an addi tional measure of workflow flexibility . The future-proof platform allows each room in the facility to be customised according
Sneaky Big Studios ’ production workflow was designed by systems integrator and software developer DigitalGlue around a network of Barnfind Technologies ’ fibresignal transport solutions .
to its current needs , and upgraded as technology evolves by simply swapping out SFPs .
A 4,000sqf production stage , designed for multi-camera and live TV shots , commercial production , as well as music and training videos , features virtual reality ( VR ) capabilities and immersive graphics via a VIZRT Virtual Studio . 4K / Ultra HD ( UHD ) cameras from Sony during a production .
“ The 64-channel E-MADI card has so much capacity that it serves as the backbone for our truck ’ s audio system . Virtually everything we need is carried through the E-MADI card to the audio console and the router .”
Reardon also cited the Free- Speak II beltpacks ’ 18-hour rechargeable battery life , and the system ’ s ability to support up to five programmable channels per beltpack ( each labelled with its own 10 LCD character label ) as being “ very useful ” features .
“ Overall , the Clear-Com intercom system has been a very good investment , and it helps us deliver the calibre of skateboarding content that ETN Live wants ,” he concluded .
and Canon support both studio and field work , while Sony F55 4K / UHD cameras are supported on Vinten robotic pedestals for live production .
An eight-operator production control room outfitted with a 4K / UHD full monitor wall , Grass Valley Karrera 4M / E K-Frame video production centre switcher and Grass Valley NVision 8280 router also allow Sneaky Big Studios to work in large-scale , multi-camera live productions . Connections to mobile or satellite trucks are also available for extra capabilities .

Kiel Week Regatta sets sails with Vislink solutions for live stream broadcast

An annual sailing event , Kiel Week Regatta , brings together close to 5,000 sailors , 2,000 ships and approximately three million visitors to Kiel , the capital of Schleswig- Holstein , Germany .
For this year ’ s edition , which ran from June 17-25 , xG Technology ’ s Vislink business provided wireless camera transmission capabilities to support the live stream broadcast of the event .
The project called for the deployment of a new watercraft-based wireless transmission system to feed into the live stream broadcast . Thus , Sales Cube , Vislink ’ s official reseller in Germany , worked with the latter to specify an equipment list that would enable reliable ship-to-shore live transmission of footage while minimising power consumption and payload .
Among the Vislink equipment deployed was a next-generation , highly customisable wireless camera transmission system capable of supporting the dynamic action of live sporting events , as well as a suite of diversity receivers and decoders targeted at compact wireless camera and microwave link use .
George Schmitt , executive chairman and CEO of xG Technology , concluded : “ IMT and Vislink solutions remain the trusted choice of broadcast professionals for capturing unique views and transmitting action from iconic events and locations . High-profile events like the Kiel Week demand the performance , range , reliability and flexibility that our systems provide .”
DISTRIBUTION August 2017 27 Clear-Com connects Auxiliary Channel’s production truck Broadcast Solutions has delivered a new HD OB van to Slovakian TV network Televízia Markíza. Televízia Markíza completes transition to HD with new OB van To mark its full transition to HD, Slovakian TV network Televízia Markíza commissioned its new HD outside broadcast (OB) van in May this year. Based on Broadcast Solutions’ Alphaline A12 model, the new OB van can work in productions with up to 16 cameras. Alphaline is a variant of Broadcast Solutions’ family of Streamline OB vans, of which more than 40 units are opera­ting globally. Working with Slovakian sys- tems integrator Elektonika, Broad- cast Solutions provided Televízia Markíza with a universal OB van equipped with a number of tech- nical solutions from Grass Valley, Riedel, Canon, Lawo and Tektronix, among others. Describing the OB van as “be- ing able to handle a large variety of productions”, Broadcast Solu- tions also highlighted how Riedel’s Medior­Net system is being used as a decentralised signal routing and communications backbone. Matthias Settele, general dir ЦV7F"BFVWl:צ&:צ6C( FP"fv2FR֗76rƖF6ЧWFRW"6fW'6FBB0"7FWF7&V6RW"fWvW &6R( Bf"7F6RvFW"v&GV7F27V62WN( 2F6R( FR"f6vfW2W2FPfW&ƗGF&GV6RFffW&V@G2bWfVG2v6W2FP6&RFWVFVB( ХFRWr"f6&RW6VB&GV7F2bf'r6W2( Bg&Ц&vRb6W&6WBW2F6W &GV7F2B6v&22&6WBF67FW"&V6fW'6RЧFf"FVWl:צ&:צ( 27GVF26ƖrFR"f( FR&W7@6WFFR&WN( FV'Zl;FV66F&V7F"FVWl:צ&:צ66VFVC( W"v2vFFR"f&RFfPFf"F67FW"&V6fW'BFW6RBf"FV&R&GV7F2( ФfrV6VBG2#֖6'&BЦ67Bw&FRG&W"FfW"FRFEB7V'67&F6FV&&FpWGv&UDƗfRVF&GV2ЧF6WƖ'6VFV6FVBFWVBvFFW&606WF2g&6V"6FRVF6W&&GV7FG'V62WVVBvF6V"Ф6V6Ɨ6RFVF3"'BvFfW"f&Rg&R6&B6G2f WFVFrFRG&( 2FW&6Ц6&ƗFW2FRFVF2FV@vFcB6VRDVFЧRVFFvFFW&f6R6&BRTRԅ6&Bf"FVw&Fpg&VU7Vtv&VW72&VBЧ62BWFFVb6W&W0W6W"FW&f6RV2F66W72@7vF6&WGvVVFRFVF( 0FW&66V2WƖ'6V6W"Ц66VBfW"g&VU7VFVG&66VfW"GVW2Bg&VRХ7Vv&VW72&VG62f"W6PvFFRFVF77FV6BF&RFRv&N( 2( f'7B@6FV&&FrEBWGv&( UDƗfRffW'2vFR&vRbVƗG6FV&&FrFVVB&w&Ц֖rFWFf7W6VBVFV6R6RbG26FVB26BBFP6( 2vF"6FV&&BЦr&"WG6FRG2&W'GF26VFW2Bǒ6WFFfPBWG&VR&&Fr6w2'W@6&VƗGv֖rB6VG&w&W2FVBFFR6FRФWƖ'6V( 2&GV7FG'V62WVVBvF6V"6FW&66WF02FRVF&GV7F66FVW2F7&VFR6VƖr6FV&&Fp6FVBf"UDƗfR&&FrFVRUDƗfR66bЦW'26FV&&FrWfVG2&V@FRv&R( BVFW"'F7F6pFRWƖ'6VG'V6 VƖr&GV7FVVVG2g&ЧFRG'V6B6VFrFVvF6W&FV2FR&BvFFRvVƗGfFV&RЧV&VBf"B7G&VVB6FVBFW&677FVFBVW0WfW'R6V7FVBBFW207'V67VvvW7FVB'&&V&FvW"BfVFW"bWƖ'6Vv6R&GV7FG'V6vVBƗfR֖B#bआR6FVVC( Ēv6FBFRWVVBvRVv20&VƖ&RB667FVBFv&vF2W"V6Ɨ6RFVFFW&6Ч77FVvR66VBV&pW"VRvW&WfW"FW&PGW&r&GV7F( FRcB6VRD6&@26V666GFBB6W'fW02FR&6&Rf"W"G'V6( 0VF77FVf'GVǒWfW'FpvRVVB26'&VBF&VvFPRD6&BFFRVF66PBFR&WFW"( Х&V&F66FVBFRg&VRХ7V&VG6>( ֆW"&RЦ6&vV&R&GFW'ƖfRBFP77FV( 2&ƗGF7W'BWFffR&w&&R6V2W &VG6V6&VVBvFG2v4B6&7FW"&V’2&Vp( fW'W6VgV( fVGW&W2( fW&FR6V"6FW"Ц677FV2&VVfW'v@fW7FVBBBV2W2FVƗfW FR6Ɩ'&Rb6FV&&Fr6FV@FBUDƗfRvG2( R66VFVBFvFvVR'VG2&GV7Fv&frf"6V&r7GVF0VwW&FVB7BVwW7B6V&r7GVF22U2&6VBR7`f6*ƗGfVGW&rV&W"b( FV6Цv6ǒGf6VN( &GV7FB7B&GV7F7GVF2FW6vVBg&FRw&VBW2gVǒFVw&FVBf6ƗG6V&r7GVF>( &GV7Fv&fpv2FW6vVB'77FV2FVw&F B6gGv&RFWfVW"FvFvVP&VBWGv&b&&fBFV6ЦvW>( f'&R6vG&7'@6WF2fFVWVV@26V7FVBvFf'&Rf"f7FW &6W76rB6v26֖p"WBb7V6f2&6&P6V&r7GVF>( &GV7Fv&fpv2FW6vVB'77FV2FVw&F"@6gGv&RFWfVW"FvFvVR&VBWGv&b&&fBFV6vW>( f'&RЧ6vG&7'B6WF2VFWVBB6VBfW"6vPf'&R7G&BFFR6VG&WVЦVB&g&FW&R'VB֖#Ss`6&R&WFW"6VG2FR6v0FFV"FW7FF&fFrFF*FV7W&Rbv&fpfW&ƗGFRgWGW&R&bBЦf&w2V6&FPf6ƗGF&R7W7F֗6VB66&FpFG27W'&VBVVG2BWw&FV@2FV6wWffW2'6ǐ7vrWB4e2B7b&GV7F7FvRFW6vVBf"VF6W&@ƗfREb6G26W&6&GV2ЧF2vV2W62BG&pfFV2fVGW&W2f'GV&VƗGe"6&ƗFW2BW'6fRw&Ц72fd%Bf'GV7GVFDVG&BTB6W&2g&6琦B67W'B&F7GVFBfVBv&vR6cSRDTB6W&2&R7W'FVBfFV&&F2VFW7F2f"ƗfP&GV7FVvBW&F"&GV7F6G&&WFfGFVBvFDTBgVF"vw&72fW'&W&DRg&RfFV&ЦGV7F6VG&R7vF6W"Bw&70fWf6#&WFW"6r6V&r7GVF2Fv&&vR66RVF6W&ƗfR&ЦGV7F26V7F2F&R 6FVƗFRG'V62&R6f&Rf WG&6&ƗFW2शVvVV&VvGF6WG262vFf6Ɩ6WF2f"ƗfR7G&V'&F67@V6ƖrWfVBVvVV&VvGF'&w2FvWFW"66RFR6'2"62B&FVǒF&VR֖Ɩf6F'2FVFR6Fb66W7vrФ7FVvW&f"F2V.( 2VFFv6&g&ФVRr#RrFV6w( 2f6Ɩ'W6ЦW72&fFVBv&VW726W&G&6֗2Ч66&ƗFW2F7W'BFRƗfR7G&VЦ'&F67BbFRWfVBFR&V7B6VBf"FRFWV@bWrvFW&7&gB&6VBv&VW72G&2Ц֗7677FVFf