Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB) August 2017 Volume 34, Issue 6

5 NEWS & VIEWS August 2017 NEWS & VIEWS 6 W O R L D I N B R I E F India enforces digital cable broadcasting NEW DELHI – India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcast- ing has mandated equipment to be seized from cable opera- tors defaulting on the country’s mandatory switch to digital cable broadcasting. With effect from April 1 this year, India’s cable TV networks should only be carrying digital signals. CREATION 14 MANAGEMENT 20 >>Page 22 Cerebrum Take control, make life easier! Cerebrum provides comprehensive tools to configure, monitor and maintain products from any manufacturer within and beyond the broadcasting industry. Axon2017 Cerebrum earspace 47x75+2mm.indd 1 24 VOLUME 34 X-PLATFORM | ISSUE 6 28 Mediacorp rides on the wave of media and tech convergence by josephine tan SINGAPORE – The histor y of Singapore television unfolded in 1963 with the launch of Television Singapore, the country’s first TV broadcast. In 1974, Singapore TV entered the world of colours as Singapore- ans watched the World Cup Finals between Germany and The Nether­ lands live, in colour. As Singapore edges closer to a full digital switchover, Singapore terrestrial broadcaster Mediacorp is planning to add new chapters in the republic’s TV history, aided by the move from its iconic Caldecott Broadcast Centre to a new home within the Mediapolis@one-north digital media hub. Dubbed Mediacorp Campus, the 12-storey state-of-the-art pro- duction and digital facility houses more than 2,800 staff in a single location. At its heart is the Media Ofcom allocates more spectrum for m-services LONDON – UK regulatory body Ofcom will be auctioning licences to use 190MHz of spectrum in two frequency bands, which will increase the airwaves available for mobile devices by almost one third. Some 40MHz of spectrum will be auctioned in the 2.3GHz band, while 150MHz of spectrum will be auctioned in the 3.4GHz band. DISTRIBUTION | AUGUST 2017 | In the new Mediacorp Campus, the Media Operations Centre leverages IP to interconnect different broadcast systems for the transmission of audio and video content. SDI, however, is still deployed in many of Mediacorp’s workflows. VTC readies for 4K/UHD broadcast in 2018 HANOI – Founded in 1998, one of Vietnam Digital Television’s (VTC) key goals is to provide multimedia services focusing on news and entertainment while expanding its footprint domestically and inter- nationally. To this end, VTC began roll- ing out digital terrestrial TV (DTT) based on the DVB-T standard in 2003, and has been producing and delivering HD programming since 2008. Two months ago, VTC 7-7-2017 8:28:02 reached another milestone when it launched a 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) broadcast trial on its VTC HD1 channel. In cities including Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Haiphong and Can Tho, households who own a 4K/UHD TV set are able to re- ceive the 4K/UHD programming, provided they are also equipped with an indoor or outdoor DVB-T2 antenna. 8 8 Operations Centre (MOC), which operates round-the-clock to sup- port Mediacorp’s entire broadcast chain of services — including seven TV channels, 14 radio stations, and Toggle, Mediacorp’s inter­a ctive over-the-top (OTT) streaming service. Currently, the MOC manages all analogue, satellite and digital feeds, before Mediacorp completes its full migration from analogue to digital transmission. Goh Kim Soon, SVP, broadcast engineering, Mediacorp, told APB: “Our new campus is designed for collaborative workflows, and lever- ages extensively on IP technology to interconnect different broadcast systems for the transmission of audio and video content. “This provides us with more flexibility, and enables us to work more efficiently. “However, we are still imple- 8 8 THE STANDARD OF PROFESSIONAL LED LIGHTING JUST GOT BRIGHTER Find out more on page18 LEARN MORE 360° VR Rent a l F or l i v e e v ent s or pr oduc on. F ul l mul c a m k i t r ea dy t o g o. www. i dea l s y s . c om