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Blind spot detection system is helpful to alert the driver regarding any obstacles which come in the blind spot zone of the vehicle. Adaptive headlights have the capability of automatically adjusting the intensity of light in corners and dark conditions. Such lights help to avoid dazzling. Industry/ Innovation/ Related News: Oct, 2017- Denso Corporation focused on developing automated driving technologies that will help to deliver safe, reliable and flexible mobility for all people, as well as enable the efficient transportation of goods. DENSO also exhibited the fundamental products in areas such as the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) locator and in-vehicle V2X devices. Sep, 2017- Delphi Automotive PLC signed a partnership agreement with LeddarTech to develop solid-state LiDAR technology. Delphi and LeddarTech proprietary signal processing technology, will collaborate to develop a low-cost, corner LiDAR solution. Dec, 2016 - Autoliv, Inc. launched a learning, intelligent vehicle system to facilitate collaboration and shared control between driver and vehicle. This is done in order to attain trust and facilitate required safety in autonomous driving. Sep, 2016 - WABCO Holdings Inc. and Mobileye N.V. entered into partnership to develop solutions for commercial vehicles that leverage advanced emergency braking ADAS functionalities and Mobileye’s REM technology that provides real-time data for precise localization and high-definition lane data. Vehicle Intelligence System Market – Segmentation The vehicle intelligence system market can be segmented in to two key dynamics for the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding; Segmentation by Vehicle Type - passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles Segmentation by Road Scene Understanding- RTS (Road tracking system), RSD (Road sign detection system), NVS (Night vision system) and others Segmentation by Advanced Driver Assistance & Monitoring – ACC (Adaptive cruise control system), BSD (Blind spot detection system), PA (Park assist system), TJA (Traffic jam assist system), DMS (Drowsiness monitoring system) and others Segmentation by Regions: North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World. Get Complete Report Details of Vehicle Intelligence System Market@ Table of Contents