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the course duration with quizzes and presentations . Class presentation and demonstration on live eCommerce platforms are another cornerstone of this training program . Qijang in collaboration with Digital Nation Academy and Asian Institute of Logistics ( ASIL ) will offer internship opportunities with eCommerce merchants in Lazada and Shoppe . GIG workers with much needed experience and skills will be assigned tasks and assignments through the QWS APPs , connected to more than 10,000 active eCommerce merchants in Lazada and Shoppe .
Efforts are being made to secure long term contracts from digital malls like Taobao and MSquare Mall to offer continuous freelance job opportunities for selected and successful candidates . ACLC and Qijang believe the proposed QWS Bespoke Brand Education is a way forward in realising the nation ’ s eCommerce and Digital Transformation initiative thus making Malaysian eCommerce sector a premier service sector by 2030 . — ACLC