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THE GIG economy is causing seismic changes that are shaking the world of work . There has been a serious shift in the relationship between organizations and the people who work for them . It has all been typified by disruptive digital businesses like Grabfood , Foodpanda , Lazada , Shoppe and many more . The importance of the gig economy has always seen a steady growth trajectory , but nothing has made its importance clearer to everyone than the COVID-19 pandemic — from delivering essential services to providing side income for those affected . Which is why it is urgent for us to investigate how innovative digital solutions can help protect and empower the gig economy workers by upskilling and reskilling them accordingly . In contrast to the traditional economy set-up , the gig economy is characterised by flexible , temporary , or freelance jobs with irregular income and working hours .

Revenue in the eCommerce market in Malaysia , is projected to reach US $ 4,179m