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Blood Beyond Borders: Strides in Pediatric Leukemia in El Salvador Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology may 2019 volume 05 | number 06 CONTENTS Editor's Corner Mikkael Sekeres Gets Schooled on CME Pulling Back the Curtain Clara Bloomfield Has Academia in Her Blood Advanced Practice Voices Partners in Care: Palliative Care and Hematology Demystifying the Lab Genetic Testing for Bleeding Disorders pASHions Kimberly Stegmaier Raises the Barre DEPARTMENTS 11 UP FRONT 24 CLINICAL NEWS 39 TRAINING AND EDUCATION With home-based strategies for blood clots, stem cell transplants, and more, clinicians are exploring new ways to keep hematology patients out of the hospital 45 FEATURES 51 BACK OF THE BOOK Written in Blood: A New Option for Castleman Disease? Literature Scan: Young Survivors at High Risk of Second Cancers You Make the Call: Familial Risk for CLL