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How Should Newly Approved Drugs Be Used in Practice? Your source for worldwide news and perspectives on hematology/oncology volume 04 | number 02 january 2018 annual meeting edition CONTENTS Letters to the Editor The CRO Agony Continues … Written in Blood Can Transfusions Protect Against Stroke in Patients With SCD? Blood Advances in a Different Vein Patients With Myeloma at Risk for Second Cancers On Location Frontline Bleomycin or Brentuximab for Hodgkin Lymphoma? Advancing CAR T-Cell Therapy for Myeloma Evaluating the First Anti- Sickling Agent for SCD Highlights from the 2017 ASH ANNUAL MEETING NEW DRUGS, NEW INDICATIONS, AND NEW INSIGHTS FROM THE WORLD’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE HEMATOLOGY EVENT DEPARTMENTS 14 UP FRONT 15 CLINICAL NEWS 35 BACK OF THE BOOK The Society Pages: Recent Promotions and Transitions Latest & Greatest: New and Noteworthy Research Data Stream: Health-Care Facts & Figures