ASEAN Life Vol: 4 July - September 2014

AN life #04 | Jul - Aug 2014 VIETNAM BRUNEI Ads start from $ / 15 month THAILAND CAMBODIA PHILIPPINES INDONESIA Contact Kabari at MALAYSIA BURMA LAOS SINGAPORE (562) 383 2100 9 Steps to Sell Your Home Fast Save thousands when buying home 6 things you must know before you buy a house 6 mistakes to avoid when trading up to a larger home Do You Know Where Your Seafood Comes From? PAGE 12 It’s not everyday that Californians get to eat fresh, local seafood caught off their own shores. In fact, unless you caught it yourself, there’s a good chance you never have. That’s because 91 percent of all seafood consumed in the U.S. comes from other countries, due to the dangerously low amounts of seafood now found in American waters, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Drive Yourself Happy in Langkawi, Malaysia | Page 9 To a foreigner, the very idea of driving in Asia conjures up images of millions of motorbikes, cars coming from all directions, rickety trucks and buses, and speed, speed, speed! Many tourists have seen the traffic (and experienced the fear of even crossing the road) in cities such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. So when travel experts suggest that hiring a car is the best way to get around Langkawi in Malaysia, many potential visitors become quite nervous even at the thought of it. TRADITIONAL CAMBODIAN DANCE BEING REBORN IN CALIFORNIA | PAGE 10 Langkawi is a beautiful archipelago of rainforest islands just off the northwestern coast of the Malaysian mainland. The main island, Pulau Langkawi, is about one hundred and eighty five square miles in size. This is where a tourist can become convinced to be brave, and to be initiated into Asian driving. Hiring a car is very easy for a qualified driver, and surprisingly inexpensive, with no deposit required. There are reports that some of the wide range of rental outlets that welcome travellers at the airport can sometimes be less than professional. It is therefore advisable to use the car rental service located at a visitor’s hotel, Most available cars are comfortable, well maintained and reasonably new, with airconditioning and automatic transmission. The first challenge for a lot of tourists comes immediately upon leaving the parking lot, and that is to remember on which side of the road one should be driving. In Malaysia, traffic drives on the left side of the road. A Mother’s Legacy: Guide and Turn | PAGE 6 HOW TO BUY YOUR FIRST HOME 11 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE HOME INSPECTION 10 QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK A REALTOR BEFORE YOU HIRE SHOULD YOU OWN YOUR HOME OR RENT Get a Green Card by opening a business. 8 Tips for making the most of your ira Four Free Things to do in Singapore PAGE 9 LONG BEACH -- Emily Ngov’s grandmother had always liked watching the little girls perform Cambodian dances and wanted her granddaughter to do the same. In just second grade, Ngov began learning about her Khmer culture through dance. Time passed, Ngov got busy with school, and eventually stopped dancing. But now, after years of sitting on the sidelines, Ngov is reconnecting with her Cambodian roots at the Khmer Arts Academy in Long Beach. 13 Resume Mistakes that can cost you the Interview | Page 13 1. A BLAND OR GENERIC OBJECTIVE: If your objective could be applied to a marketing resume as easily as a resume for an accounting position, then your objective says nothing and will get you nowhere. An objective is NOT some required paragraph at the top of the page that is an exercise in 5 lines of job. 2. BLAND JOB DETAILS: Differentiate yourself from the others coming in to interview. It was a hot, more-thanthe-usual-humid day as I sat beside my great-aunt Lily in air conditioned comfort inside her central Jakarta apartment. It was a perfect time for reconnecting with my great-aunt since we were also visiting my cousin, who was busy preparing for a trip to the United States. Learning all about my Indonesian “roots” during my yearly sojourns to Indonesia is important so I can relate to my East-West lifestyle, otherwise... Shop Over 100 Insurance Companies Auto, Motorcycle, Truck, Home, Fire, Business Insurance 1-800-281-6175 CA Dept of Insurance 0659943 If you are travelling in SouthEast Asia on a budget, you might be tempted to skip Singapore altogether. Singapore is relatively expensive for the visitor, at least when compared to other SouthEast Asian cities. But some of Singapore’s tourist attractions are free, and the city’s different ethnic quarters are great places for independent walking tours.