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19 Duty Free Shopping lthough not catering directly ASE can offer you a personal shopping experience at the amazing duty free shops at Copenhagen & Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Clients can also shop duty free in advance via for CPH Airport thus meaning you browse from home/ in-flight and then have it delivered to you at the Aircraft. A Both Copenhagen & Stockholm Arlanda have large duty free shops and our dispatchers are on hand to assist you into the tax free area. Dishes - Cleaning Other purchases e also offer dishes cleaning via either the FBO or our supplier. Dishes can be dishwasher washed or hand washed and dried as instructed. Dishes and chinaware are safely transported between your Aircraft and our FBO thus eliminating damages and are returned back sparking clean and ready for the next use. ther purchases such as bed linen, cutlery, gifts, local packaged foods, DVD’s, games and just about anything else you can think of which can be purchased at the Airport can be ordered in advance and delivered to your Aircraft as required. W We ask that the crew make a count before handling dishes to our dispatcher and record the type of items. O At Stockholm Arlanda & Copenhagen Airports we have a vast selection of top brand shops including local designer and specialist shops. If you want to go shopping let us know! Or if you want something just ask. To order see Last pAGE for contact details