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16 Beers, Wines & Spirits fine wine, special beer or even a unique bottle of champagne can be provided with ease in Denmark. Our chef has access to a great stor- age of wine of both local and international variants. We also welcome our guests to visit the Airport duty free shop where they can even select items themselves from thousands of items. ASE dispatcher team can even arrange this, pay and re-invoice at a later date. Denmark has a considerable amount of imported beers and we can provide pretty much most varieties with notification. Of course Denmark is also the proud owners of the Carlsberg brand which claim to be probably be the best beer in the world – it’s up to you to try! A Swedish FBO’s have different alcoholic regulations and unfortunately we require over 48hr notice for most orders. This is primarily due to the select availability of items which must be purchased form governmental shops only. The selection is great but we simply need a little time. Order ASAP! Juices, Water, Soft Drinks e can provide you with fresh juices, smoothies, drinking water and many soft drinks types as required. They come in different sizes and we have a great source for those hard to find items. All fresh juices are hand pressed and come home made style and labelled with production date. Don’t forget to let us know the size, we can produce small to very large portions. W Water - Voss, Evian, Fiji, Perrier, Volvic, Aqua Dor (local), Ramlosa (local) Juices - Name your fruit! it will be fresh squeezed to your liking Soft Drinks - Coke, Coke Light, Pepsi, Fanta Orange, Faxa Kondi, RedbullJulmust, Zingo, Giner Beer, Tonic Water, Schweppes Lemon, 7-Up