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11 Breads & Pastries The original Danish elcome to the home of the Danish Pastry which is widely available in both Denmark & Sweden. The Danish (also known as the Wienerbrød) is highly popular and one of our most ordered items. This iconic pastry can be eaten for breakfast, a snack or even after dinner. W 1. Choose from Pastries such as - Flaky Croissants, Spandauer, Wienerbrod,Cinnamon Rolls, Thebirkes, and our signature Danish pastry, the Kringle. The pastry collection features rich chocolate confections, fra- grant fruit & frangipane tortes, amazing Danish marzipan specialties. We can also provide pastries without nuts, without dairy, just let us know. Simply choose a single, a box, a mixed collection - Its your choice! 2. Choose from local breads such as - Danish Rye, Swedish Rye bread either hard or soft 3. Morning Basket including a mixed selection of fresh rolls and small breads, butter and condiments 4. Fresh & Italian breads, Swedish hard bread - We have access to a wide selection, simply let us know To order see Last pAGE for contact details