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8 Seafood your ideas 1. Fresh Seafood platter - A selection of the finest prawns, salmon slices, crab and lobster prepared, clams and mussels with side dip. Sushi Selection served with wasabi, soy sauce Pan Seared Salmon with steamed vegetables topped with fresh butter 3. Sushi Rolls with your choice of fillings 3. 4. Swedish Baked Salmon with creamy dill and par- mesan sauce served with a side of spinach fettuccine toasted with marizano tomatoes 4. Lobster Thermidor Lobster shells are stuffed with cooked lobster in a creamy white wine sauce, then topped with Parmesan cheese and broiled until golden. resh Seafood is purchased and produced specifically to your requests and require- ments. Our chef will only use the freshest market fish and ingredients. F Fish requires careful preparation to ensure its du- rability and our chef hand delivers every order to ensure that you’re entirely happy. We can provide a huge range of seafood, however we ask that our clients order with plenty notification thus ensuring availability. Pan Roasted Cod served perfectly with fennel and spinach couscous 2. 2. fresh seafood 1. Grilled Halibut served with local potatoes in dill, spicy oil and French dressing. 5. Tuna Steaks cooked to your preferences, steamed, grilled or fried 6. Fresh Oysters with selected dipping sauces by our chef