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2 Welcome - ASE VIP CAtering ack in 2002 when ASE started our business we initially used hotels or airport kitchens but it was quickly appar- ent that in order for us to be the very best our only choice was to employ our own chefs. ASE currently employs a small team of very dedicated chefs and by keeping the product and operation in-house we are in a position to offer our clients a superior product which is available on demand. B The finest detail is critical, the communication, the delivery and by keeping our catering product in-house we are privileged to offer our clients a very trustworthy and satisfying experience. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to ASE Handling (Annette Johanson & Peter Milner- Owner & Director) ASE were on hand to help me build a fantastic catering order which my crew & passengers loved. They were helpful, on-time and even gave my passengers small box of Danish chocolates, Five Star! - Bar- bara Barrett N716HH