ASCE-NH Newsletter June/July 2021 - Page 3


I hope everyone is having a great Summer so far !
We just completed our last event as part of the ASCE-NH Section 2020 / 21 Program Year … Our “ 2021 Annual Meeting ”. I am very proud of our groups ability to offer significant scholarship opportunities and this year did not disappoint . We received four applications and each applicant was awarded with a $ 5,000 Scholarship … Yes … A $ 5,000 Scholarship !
When I first heard that we had received four applications I was a bit frustrated as we had marketed that we had $ 20,000 worth of scholarship opportunities available … I even posted a video on my LinkedIn account explaining this opportunity … Was anybody listening ? How could we only receive four applications when such a large opportunity was available ?
While talking to my wife about this she brought up Mel Robbins and her “ 5-Second Rule ”. It is simple and it goes like this … “ If you have an instinct to act on a goal , you must physically move within 5-seconds or your brain will kill it ”. By physically move she means “ Take Action ” … Do Something … And it is as simple as 5-4-3- 2-1-Go !
How many students thought about applying … How many took the time to review the application … How many started the process and never completed it because they thought it wasn ’ t possible ( Self-Sabotage ) … ?
Procrastination , Hesitation , and / or Indecision limit my success … I work daily to avoid them like my life depends on it … Because my ability to become my very best does . How many opportunities have I missed because of them ? At the end of the day it is not “ their ” fault … It is mine . I don ’ t have time for that right now … I will get to it later … The timing is not right … There is no way I would be selected for that … I am not worthy of that … and on and on . Turning that inner dialogue from I do not have what it takes to I can accomplish anything ( while welcoming “ Failure ”) makes all the difference .
We will all miss 100 % of the shots we do not take and I congratulate Ben , Dustin , Logan , and Owen for doing the work required in order to put themselves into a position to be successful … Keep up the great work and all the best with your careers moving forward !
Thank you to everyone who made this past year a successful one and I wish our new leadership team all the best as we transition into the 2021 / 22 Program Year !
Wishing everyone a safe and productive remainder of the Summer ! 5-4-3-2-1-Go … # keephammering
Hugh Scott , PE ASCE-NH Past-President