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Concerts & Music
Keele Concerts
Xhosa Cole
27 October 7.30pm
Keele University Chapel
Entry £ 16 | Students FREE
Critically acclaimed saxophonist , flautist and composer , Xhosa Cole is an embodiment of the success of numerous community outreach arts programmes in Birmingham . Having started playing Tenor Saxophone at Andy Hamilton MBE ’ s Ladywood Community Music School , Xhosa has now established himself among the long legacy of Birmingham Saxophonists including Soweto Kinch and Shabaka Hutchings . Xhosa ’ s core quartet has already made a substantial impact on the British Jazz Scene . With this flexible and empathetic chordless ensemble the musicians have a freedom to dive into musical explorations of Xhosa ’ s original compositions as well as contemporary arrangements of an eclectic mix of tunes from the Jazz Cannon .
Keele Concerts
Orchestra for the Earth
10 November 7.00pm
Keele University Chapel
Entry £ 16 | Students FREE
Orchestra for the Earth brings together music and nature to give audiences experiences that are moving , educative , and inspiring .
The performance invites you to a unique musical journey situated underneath Luke Jerram ’ s stunning artwork , Gaia . this remarkable work is a mesmerising scale model of the Earth see page 4 , and so the orchestra will play a trilogy of symphonies by Haydn that between them beautifully portray the Earth ’ s daily passage from dawn to dusk — hence their nicknames , which translate as ‘ Morning ’, ’ Noon ’, and ‘ Evening ’.
Framed by a spine-tingling sunrise and a thrilling nocturnal storm , they feature a kaleidoscope of colours and pictures of life on Earth , evoked by virtuosic solos for every instrument in the orchestra , from flute to bassoon to double bass . The concert will also include a short conversation between John Warner , the orchestra ’ s conductor , Keele University staff and academics ,. The audience are invited after the concert to visit the University ’ s Earth Observatory for a stunning view of the night sky which will be open from 9pm .
Programme :
Haydn : Symphony No . 6 , ‘ Le Matin ’
Haydn : Symphony No . 7 , ‘ Le Midi ’
Haydn : Symphony No . 8 , ‘ Le Soir ’
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