ARTISTS IN THE PLUS September 2013 - Page 7

MadCraft was awarded as the band of the year by the American music service Sunset Island Music in 2011. They┬┤re music has also been featured on Finnish National Television, in the Eurovision preliminary music competition as background music.

They highly recommend artists and bands to be a part of Artists In The Plus and start doing online concerts.

- Online concerts are a great addition to your arsenal. You're not tied to a time or place and you can broadcast your music all around the world to the people who enjoy it. Artists In The Plus is a great platform to reach out to people who are genuinely interested in new smaller artists.


MadCRaft - Everybody Say

Concert in

Bergen, Norway

Saturday, September 28th!

- This is our first concert in Norway. I've personally visited Oslo before but never been to Bergen. It's always exciting to play in new places, says lead vocalist Tom.

-We'll be playing all the latest video songs and some of the best songs from our previous EP's. We usually play one or two cover songs as well so be on a lookout for those as well!

MadCraft was voted Artist Of The Month

in August 2012.

- We were a part of Artists In The Plus from very early on. I remember contacting them on Google+ when the whole service was all new and AITP only had a few thousand followers. Now they have over a million followers.

That's just insane.

- Being part of this Festival is just awesome! I loved the idea of an online music festival last year when we participated with a Hangout gig. But this year just takes the whole thing a lot further with the live events and we're super excited to be a part of that.