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Artists In The Plus is an organization focused on shining spotlight on independent and emerging musicians across the globe. We do this by hosting weekly live concerts online, sharing music videos, and hosting the world's biggest online music festival every year.

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Artists In The Plus brings you the best live music on Google+ with shows like "In The Spotlight!" and "Studio Sessions" and our "Concerts In The Plus" series.

You will also find music videos from musicians all over the world every week. You can +1 and share your favorites. Then at the end of the week make sure to check out the Top 20 Countdown on our page. Your +1's and shares of the posts determine the countdown.

Artists In The Plus is not a record label, management, agency or a Public Relations firm. We organize and run a community of Artists helping each other and the community grow. We strive to earn a great following of users by sharing great music and engaging with our wonderful fan base. AITP is in large part run by artists, for artists!

Everything we do is made possible by a great group of supporters who have volunteered their time to make Artists In The Plus great!

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On Friday September 27th we kick off the 2013 Artists In The Plus Online Music Festival. Featuring over a hundred Artists from around the world!

We will be hosting this year's festival from Village Studios in Los Angeles California. In every decade since its founding, The Village has produced the favorite songs of all time. As the look and sound of music changes, so does The Village. From legends like Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, B. B. King and Bob Dylan to current artists like Coldplay, Taylor Swift and John Mayer you would be hard pressed to find an artist who hasn't recorded here. We will be bringing you live performances from some of your favorite +Artists In The Plus musicians.

We have a special live event in Bergen, Norway Saturday September 28th! You can join us in Bergen with performances by MadCraft, Ilona and Artist Of The Year 2012 Myrna Braza from the beautiful Biblioteket Bar!

These performances, and hangout performances from around the world. Will all be streamed live on YouTube to our worldwide audience! We will also have Artists around the world performing through Google Hangouts.


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