ARTISTS IN THE PLUS September 2013 - Page 16

Stage Fright

“It all started off rather innocently, this whole music thing. I had something that I did that made me feel special and got me some attention. I wrote songs and people listened. I tried to grow up from it but I couldn’t. My songs are stories, rants or ideas. Sometimes they’re science experiments that I catapult at audiences. Other times they’re me cloaking up thoughts and emotions in jangly guitar chords. Usually they’re bright, happy and poppy sounding. Overall, I want to be the first chick to perform in space, to have a song for every situation, to have shows that are festivals with exhibitions and I want to get so famous that someone names a tea after me. Either way, I hope you get a smile or a tune stuck in your head. Just the fact that you stuck around to read through my ramble means a lot. Thank you.” – Meri Amber

meri amber


AITP´s own coloumnist from Australia!