ARTISTS IN THE PLUS September 2013 - Page 14

What can you tell us about the crowd in Bergen?

- I just love performing in my own hometown! People here have always been supportive of me and my music, and I hope they sing along with me on my songs, and help make sure the online viewers also have a great time. Bergen is just the best! I´m sure Ilona and MadCraft will have a blast here!

Tell us a little about the songs you´ll be performing at the Festival!

- I will be performing some of the songs from my Moments EP, such as Save Me, Lala and Go!. Maybe I´ll mix in some songs from my first release Free As A Bird too. I´ll make sure it is a soulful and funky set!

How long have you been a part of Artists In The Plus and how did it all start?

- Artists In The Plus started sharing my music videos more than a year ago. I discovered that I was tagged in their posts, and was so excited about it and grateful, especially since the community seemed to be mostly outside of Norway, which is a market I´ve never fully been able to reach myself. The feedback was so positive and as a result of being part of this community I´ve done hangout concerts, interviews and come to know amazing artists and engage with fans and followers from around the world! And now I have the great honor of running the European department of Artists In The Plus! It´s just amazing all of it!

Why should artists do online concerts?

- Well, imagine performing live for a worldwide audience! That´s exactly what you´re doing! You might even get a bigger crowd than what your local venue could fit of people. It´s quite difficult to understand just that, because you´re actually not travelling anywhere and it can feel like just another rehearsel, when you in fact are performing live for the world to see! But think of all the doors that can open for you when doing gigs like these! I speak of experience and recommend artists to do both types of performances.

Why would you recommed Artists In The Plus to other artists and bands?

- Independent artists like myself always look for new ways to promote ourselves and get our music discovered by new fans and listeners. Artists In The Plus will help you with exactly that! They share your videos and book you for online concerts, always making sure that you´re presented in the best way, and you can even get help with other areas of your career. The community is free and open for everyone - why not just give it a try and see what happens?


"worldwide audience"