ARTISTS IN THE PLUS September 2013 - Page 10

- This is my second visit to Norway but first time in Bergen! I´m fascinated by Norway's beautiful landscapes! This festival is an amazing opportunity to interact directly with people all around the world who have never heard my music, and at the same time

learn more about myself as an artist and an individual.

I'll be performing songs from my debut E.P. 'My favourite defeat' as well as new material we have just written and recorded. They are pop/rock energetic songs that tell stories about love, loss, lust and faith. They are about making your dreams reality.

Reaching out to fans directly is important as they are the ones who make creating music the most worthwhile- you want to touch others with your songs, inspire and make a difference.

- I joined AITP almost a year ago after being invited by John Voshell to perform online twice and give interviews for a US based audience. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to play more shows like these and reach a wider audience.

Online concerts are a fantastic way to reach your fanbase

and enable them to be part of your musical journey.