Art of Dying Volume One | Page 12

world. But there's nothing stopping us. We are pure consciousness, which means that we can create any form to express ourselves. We can create anything becausewearenolongerattachedtothelimitsof form. It’s liberating to be free from biological constraints. To be truly prepared for our afterlife journey, we must becomeact ivespiritualexplorerstoday.Notbelievers, not students, but active explorers. Only direct experience sustains a lasting shift in consciousness. There is no single, best way to explore. I am well aware that even though having an out-of-body experience is a profound method for spiritual understanding, this is not the path for everyone. So in my new book, Higher Self Now! I encourage personal meditation practices and provide many techniques to help the reader open a door to self-discovery. In this book, I've concentrated on preparation for death and developing awareness about our voyage beyond death because this is the key. We're immortal, creative, multi-dimensional beings. Everyone is looking at death as the end, when it is really just part of our soul’s continuing journey. Human life is like a flash. When you're in the afterlife, this life seems like the blink of an eye. Our thoughts create our environment and selfidentity. We do it every day in the physical by choosing our home, our partners and our hobbies. So why would we stop creating just because we no longer have a physical body? This is especially true at death where we will enter an 12 | ART OF DYING incredibly subtle, thought-responsive dimension of existence, and this is where our ability to manifest our creations expands exponentially. We are not matter-based. We are pure consciousness using a multitude of various energy bodies to experience and explore an infinite and beautiful reality. Each of us is a microcosm of an eternal universe. This is critical knowledge to support an enlightened transition to the non-physical. I’ve aligned my work with The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia where experience is emphasized over theory. I teach people there how to empower themselves to be explorers of consciousness; to follow their own process; their own intuition—to become knowers instead of believers. That is what self-empowerment is all about. The more you know before your transition, the more emboldened you will be after death. It’s liberating to be free from biological constraints. “ Based on my observations during out-of -body experiences, the average person after death moves only a fraction into the infinite universe. Instead of fully experiencing the wonders of worlds beyond the physical, the average person will find themselves in a consensus reality created by the collective thought of individuals who still believe they are biological beings. In other words, they've gone from a dense physical environment to a dense non-physical environment. They have not accelerated their growth because they still identify with the limits of their biological body.