Art of Dying Volume II | Page 26

WHAT REALLY MATTERS Lessons for Living from Stories of the Dying Dr. Karen Wyatt MD., hospice physician and spiritual teacher , leads us on a journey through the final days of her patients who, along with their families, experience profound healing and spiritual awakening as they face the end-of-life. Through the 7 lessons that were most important to these patients during their last days of life, we can also learn what really matters during this earthly journey. • • • • how to embrace life’s difficulties rather than resist them why we must let our hearts be broken open by love the healing power of forgiveness how to dwell in the present moment • manifesting the highest potential of each moment • why we must let go of our expectations • how to face our ultimate fear of death Available at bookstores everywhere and through Connect with Dr. Wyatt, sign up for her newsletter, and learn about her life-changing workshop: The 7 Lessons Wisdom Path Located near Charlottesville, Virginia, The Monroe Institute® is the world’s leading residential retreat for exploring consciousness, expanded states of awareness, and discovery of Self, including programs for end-of-life preparation and transition. “... it’s possibly one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself.” - Kevin C., Gateway Voyage participant 26 | ART OF DYING