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ALLYSON AND ALEX GREY Alex: We are two artists collaborating in love. Our collaboration is the Third Force, a creative angel that manifests something greater than either of us could accomplish on our own. To have a beloved you have to imagine the beloved. You can’t think of Laurel without Hardy, Gilbert without Sullivan.  William Blake’s wife, Katherine, was his beloved. They were twin flames. The monumental sculptor, Christo, collaborated throughout his career with his wife, Jean-Claude, who said, “I don’t draw. We work together on everything else.” Memorable collaborations are actually rare. Ours is more than gender balance. Our consciousness expands and cooperation is valued over competition. Every work of art reflects the artist’s values and character. All artists that are most remembered, Michaelangelo, DiVinci, Van Gogh — leave profound traces that keep their souls alive in us. The imagination is the bridge that unites you with transcendental Divinity, a connection with the beloved beyond the body.  To have a beloved you have to imagine the beloved. You become enchanted by your imagining of this person. 6 | ART OF DYING