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Death is the end of our job, a journey from this to the next plane of existence. How fortunate Alex and I have been. Our love is eternal. Holding on is to suffer. When and what will happen next is God’s secret.  Death is the precipice over which we cannot see, until we die. I have experienced a past life in which Alex was not a part. I died of starvation as a poor small child. In this life, I was given the chance of a life in joy and abundance. A young couple asked Buddha, “We are so sad when we think that someday one of us will die and leave the other.” Buddha told them that if they lived their lives together following the same path, there was a chance they’d be reborn as one person.” Holding on is to suffer. Alex: When death comes I will probably be surprised. I don’t look forward to death because we have so much work to do together in this dimension.  As dark as I get now, I would be way darker if I were the one left on earth. Separated by death, I’d be lonely without my beloved and would try to communicate with her beyond the grave. I wish we could continue our journey together in a constant braid of souls, particularly with our daughter and many of the people closest to us. Socrates hastened his death because he was curious. He had an open mind and was ready to check it out.  Allyson and Alex: We take what God wants to give. We are grateful to have had the perspective of the Universal Mind Lattice to guide us. At our best, we live in the light of that experience. From a conversation with John Wadsworth Love Circuit by Alex Grey VOLUME III | 15