ART Habens Art Review ART Habens Art Review - Special Issue #93 | Page 143

Manuel Ramos ART Habens Valencia Valencia For my future projects I want to focus on painting on traditional medium - large sizes and continue the creative path, somehow with this work I want to contribute to the world the best I can offer. Each time I am 100 % real with the language that comes out of my "soul", the imperious need to create. The first to see the finished work is me, so in the first place the realization of the work must be to my liking.I think it is the best approach that can be done to the public, to be authentic with oneself. Many thanks to the abens team for the high level and professionalism that you have shown me at all times, as well as for the opportunity to show and talk about my work. An interview by and 21 4 06 , curator curator Special Issue