ART+DESIGN Summer 2017 | Environment | Issue 15

ENVIRONMENT | SUMMER of 2017 | ISSUE 15 GUCCI New ’S Direction f ashion CatChes a sCent of the surreal have you HURD? C M ’ Crafting Ruin TRASHY IS GOOD ountry usiC s n ew s ongster turns out TAKE A PEEK HOUSE of London’s HACKNEY Purveyor Inside The Sleek Desert Retreat of Lavish Design of Celebrity Photographer DON for ROAD ONE the PORSCHE’S LOSS TESLA’S GAIN FLOOD What do SCARLETT JOHANSSON, Elijah Wood, Martin Scorsese & Snoop Dogg have in common? ...CHRISTIAN WITKIN! CHASING LIGHT Myth, Fire & Ice DISPLAY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2017 OOOH!