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and a full skirt often adorned with an apron . For men , it is lederhosen , suspenders , a shirt , and a traditional German hiking hat that resembles a fedora . Lederhosen are leather shorts that end just below the knee .
Expect Lots of Beer and Steins In the U . S . we don ’ t have one main Oktoberfest celebration , so all local festivals choose their own beer suppliers among local breweries . Where there ’ s beer , there must be food . And you will find plenty of traditional German delicacies from soft , salty pretzels to sauerkraut , knockwurst , and bratwurst .
How to say Cheers ! Prost ! Starting with an expression you are likely to hear a lot at Oktoberfest , this is how to say “ cheers !” It is easy to remember this German toast as the pronunciation rhymes with toast . You might also hear ein Prosit , which means “ a toast ,” as a signal for you to raise your glass along with your fellow revelers .
Music and Yodeling The sounds of Oktoberfest are the sounds of oompah , polka , yodeling , and laughter of course . Both polka and oompah are variations of cheerful , energetic tunes played either on accordion or brass instruments .
Learn the Chicken Dance The Chicken Dance is a fun and interactive song set to a catchy , upbeat tune . Composed in Switzerland in 1950s , this song has become a staple at all Oktoberfest ’ s throughout the world 30 years later . The dance itself involves imitation
of the bird ’ s beak , wings , and tail through a variety of bodily motions . It ’ s a fun and entertaining activity for participants of all ages .
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