Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 38

Bake on the Run ’ s “ Bacalhau Bake ” was out of this world . Heavily desalted salt fish minced with eggs , scallions , onions , tomatoes , and hit with just a pinch of black pepper , it is usually served Sunday mornings within the family and is the world ’ s most amazingly unique salty-sweet combination ever !
Owner of Bake on Run Michael Singh shares , “ My parents have had restaurants since I was five and I ’ ve been cooking since then although I ’ ve no academic culinary training . The inspiration for my menu items are just some of my favorite foods I ’ ve grown up with and are my ethnicity : Guyanese from Guyana .
Being part of the most diverse food offerings of any food pod , being in the nicest food pod in terms of outdoor seating , heated areas , and most importantly , the owner , Steve takes an unbelievable amount of pride and thought into every aspect of the pod . It has a wonderful history being built on the grounds of the original Hawthorne Asylum , and he does such an amazing job keeping the build of it from that era . I am proud to be part of this family .”
Variety is the spice of life . Start working up an appetite now , because you will want to try one of everything from these eclectic food carts . New for 2021 is the
Asylum Spirits Pub , a full-service bar in the back of the pod with 40 taps , covered seating , and plenty of spirits and cocktails .
Whether you are meeting up with friends or indulging solo , the diverse cuisine at Hawthorne Asylum will have you returning time and time again . Foodies will adore the opportunity to indulge at this fun and unique Portland dining destination .
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