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Lake Coeur d ’ Alene
Ben Joyce Gallery and Studio 806 W . 3rd Avenue Spokane , WA 99201
sometimes don ’ t even speak the same language , sharing , “ The basic shapes become so much more complex when the story is woven into the piece . It transcends language and specifics . It acts as the cover of an individual ’ s novel .”
Taking on private and public commissioned work for clients like Google Earth ’ s corporate headquarters , university installations , public event space installations , transit stations in Las Vegas , major celebrities across the country , even a private 737 Boeing business jet , and his own personal projects like the “ Place Collection ,” might turn a guy ’ s head . However , Ben remains constant in his humble approach to being more of a vessel to help bring stories of the love of place to extraordinary life .
When asked if he might have a special message he ’ d like to share with our readers , Ben said “ I think coming out of COVID , I realize this period has given me a moment to reflect on who I am and what I do , and the whole sense of place . I feel the pandemic might have forced this opportunity on us , but if people can just take a moment to observe their surroundings and connect with place , it can bring such an enjoyment of life to the mix . It ’ s what I try to capture in the work , but you don ’ t need my work to be able to do that . Just take a moment in your day to connect , take a walk , go on a hike , and observe a sunset . Whatever it is , be grateful for this moment in time .”
The gallery is open 11:00 am to 6:00 pm , Tuesday through Saturday every week . Ben also shows throughout the country from San Francisco to New York , and internationally . Follow his social media pages to stay informed of his calendar in the coming months . Scan the QR Code to WATCH THE INTERVIEW WITH Ben Joyce
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