Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 12

4 Seasons Lake Pend Oreille
Napa Sonoma
Lake Coeur d ’ Alene , Floating Green Portland Area - W - W - DB - Resin
Ben ’ s original vision was to travel to popular or significant locations around the world – New York , Seattle , Shanghai , Mexico City , Mumbai , Florence , Abu Dhabi , etc . Through interviews filmed by a camera crew , Ben captures not just one person ’ s view , but many , sharing experiences , memories , and historical events , like COVID . He started the first of the “ Place Collection ” in New York before the pandemic and comments how that piece might look different if he would have been there during the shutdown , much like his Seattle piece now reflects .
After being on hold for over a year , he is now finalizing plans to complete the collection . Follow Ben ’ s social pages for updates . You won ’ t want to miss the opportunity to engage with this soon-to-be released project . COVID may have pressed pause on his work on the “ Place Collection ,” but it also provided an opportunity for Ben and his general manager brother , Jason , to realize a long-awaited dream . Ben and Jason took advantage of the down period to dial in a newly purchased studio and gallery space in downtown