Art Chowder March | April, Issue 26 | Page 4

From the Publisher Dean Cameron A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships The old saying “A rising tide lifts all ships” is true in many aspects of our lives. When we work together for the good of all it creates a positive environment that fosters success on many levels. In the past several years we have watched our Pacific Northwest region flourish with new and exciting events, community participation and a better quality of life as we have embraced a community support mindset. Artists and lovers of all aspects of the arts — encouraging one another, helping each other and lending support where it is called for — have been and continue to be inspirational. We should not rest on our laurels, however. Momentum is a very important aspect of building a strong community. We should avoid the distractions of divisiveness or naysayers, or falling into the trap of controversy that stifles the positive in our lives. The creativity of our arts community is second to none and the Pacific Northwest is known across the nation for being a place where friendly people live. It all begins in our personal space and mindset; from there we radiate to others what we would like in return. I look forward to Art Chowder being an amplifier of all the great things we enjoy and cherish in this great part of our world. Thank you, Dean Cameron 4 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE