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SCHOOL ADMISSIONS Note: If you do not complete both Ealing’s common application form and the school’s supplementary information form then your application will not be regarded as valid. If you require further information please contact the school(s) concerned. Applying to schools outside the borough: If you live in Ealing but are applying for a place at a school in another borough, it is important that you read the primary prospectus for that borough to ensure that you understand the admission criteria for the schools that you are interested in applying to. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT After the deadline on 15 January 2019, the applications will be processed. Then, on the pan-London offer day on 16 April 2019, an offer will be made to all applicants, as far as practically possible. If a school is over-subscribed, its published admission criteria will be used to decide the order in which applicants are offered places. To make sure nobody is offered more than one school place, the pan-London admissions system will co-ordinate all of the offers made to parents who have applied for places at schools in other areas. ADVICE SESSIONS AND HELP Come along to the primary school admissions advice sessions. They will be made by appointment at Perceval House between 3 and 7 December, between 10am-4pm. Book a slot at these sessions by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 8825 5511. Read the prospectus online at ‘AS EASY AS POSSIBLE’ Councillor Yvonne Johnson, the council’s cabinet member for schools and children’s services, said: “Although it is an important time for any parent or carer, it needn’t be a terribly stressful experience applying for a primary school place. Visit the schools you are considering for your child in plenty of time and then follow the instructions on the website at admissions. The process is made as easy as possible for everyone involved but, if you need any guidance or support, I would strongly recommend booking an appointment at the advice sessions at Perceval House in December.” around ealing    October 2018 25