Around Ealing October 2018 | Page 2

EALING FOSTERING AND ADOPTION CONNECTIONS N O S I L A “ e d m e p l e h T S U R T TO s p u grown again. ” Hope, aged 9 Would you like to help a child to feel safe and secure again? We need more people to become foster carers to look after the children in our care. Foster carers come from all walks of life and look after the children in the carer’s home. As a foster carer we will provide you with excellent support and training, all based in Ealing. You don’t need a spare bedroom to foster with us. You may be able to look after babies if you have space for a cot in your bedroom. We also pay allowances of between £261 to £453 per week for each child you look after, depending on their age and your experience. Would you like to help change a child’s life? Find out how, together, we can do this at Freephone: 0800 731 6550 Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook: /ealingfosteradopt Change the future