Around Ealing October 2018 | Page 10

REMEMBRANCE ‘People laughed,  cried, cheered...’ This November will mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice of 11 November 1918, which officially ended the First World War. At we have been running a series of articles by Dr Jonathan Oates on the impact of the war on our borough, which will conclude on 1 November. T hat famous 11am declaration on that day sent our towns into a delirium of relief and joy. “Can I ever forget the scenes that followed when at 11 o’clock on 11th November 1918 news came through that an armistice had been signed? All work stopped. Cheering and singing some made their way to the Hospital…The celebrations continued well into the night.” So wrote Richard Meads of Southall in his memoirs. An Ealing newspaper reported: “The scenes were indescribable. The great burden of more than four 10 around ealing    October 2018 years’ agony was lifted and loved ones were safe again. People laughed, cried, cheered and sang almost in one breath.” It was the end of a terrible war. No part of the country was left untouched by the hand of death as young men from almost every family fought and died, while those left behind coped with the tasks and tribulations of wartime at home. As you can read at there were a number of war heroes from our borough. Meanwhile, women went to work in munitions factories and hospitals, among other places, and ran businesses; while older men took to unfamiliar jobs such as in the special wartime constabulary; and new inventions such as the tank even left their mark. Meanwhile, hundreds of Belgian refugees arrived in Tank rally during the war outside Ealing Town Hall